Feb 5, 2016

[REVIEW] Peacock feather decals

We love peacock nails right?! I got some peacock water decals and I couldn't decide which design I wanted to do so I did two. Which one do you like more? The blue/green or the brown one?

The water decals are item #20711 and you can decide between different feather designs. I definitely wanted to have some peacock feathers.

The feathers come in different sizes and some are tilted left and others to the right. So a very good combination.

Items used for the blue design

KIKO #268
KIKO #449
KIKO #532
KIKO #300

This is the first design I thought about when I saw the peacock water decals. I made the gradient, cut out the decals, put them into water for 10 seconds and slipped them on the gradient nails. 

Beware: Wait a little longer than usual before you apply the topcoat. They smudge quickly. 

I added some rhinestones for an extra bling. 

Items used for the blue design

KIKO #322
KIKO #629
KIKO #645
essence colour & go "162 dare it nude"

Same basic idea but this time the decals aren't places on top of the gradient. I like this version too.

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