Feb 10, 2016

[REVIEW] Liquid Peel Off Tape

Next item for review is this liquid peel off tape. I have been using the one from p2, which is actually a peel off base and I was never 100% happy with it that's why I was soooo curious to try out the one from (item #22612).

What is a liquid peel off tape? Well when you do your nails you sometimes get full of polish around your nails and some super brain invented a kind of latex which you can brush around your cuticle area and simply peel off after you did the mess. Pretty easy huh?!

I started with the base essence colour & go - 150 upper green side as my base color for the gradient I wanted to do on top. I always use the lightest color as the base for the gradient.

Now: time for sponging! Oh what a mess! But look how easy the cleanup is.

With one peel almost everything goes off .

Only a little left which I then clean quickly with nail polish remover and a brush and in no time a perfect gradient is done.

Items used: 

essence colour & go "150 upper green side"
essence colour & go "128 let's get lost"
essence the gel nail polish "39 blue bubble di blue"
b.pretty "5 inchromnia"
JQ-15 stamping plate

This isn't my final design. I gave the liquid peel off tape another try and stamped a little. Look again at the mess...

And within seconds it's clean again. How I love this stuff.

Hope you like my kind of baroque nails.

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  1. First of all, I am in love with the nail art you made and yes, this kind of peel off liquid is quite useful!