Feb 2, 2016

[REVIEW] Clear jelly stamper

Stamping is my thing at the moment. The last couple of weeks I tried out a lot of different stamping plates, stamping polish and so on. This time was so kind to stend me the new clear jelly head stamper which is item #24021.

First of all, the stamper has a clear jelly head (who would have guessed that after the name hahaha) on one side and on the other it's empty so you can put your finger into it (don't know why anybody should do that but you could if you want to).

About the firmness: I would consider it as rather firm and not sticky at all but it's not so firm as for example the small round Konad stamper. Here I press it really heavily and you can see, to show you that it's firm but still a littly soft. Generelly you can say that the softer the stamper, the better it can reach all the edges on the nail. Really firm stamper leave a little space around the nails without pattern. It's hard to reach all the edges and alongside the cuticle area.

As you can see here, although the stamper is quite firm, it stamps very well. also in the cuticle area. I personally believe, that it's easier to start stamping with a firm stamper, because it picks up the image better. Here are three different patterns stamped with the same polish and the clear jelly stamper to show you how it stamps.

This is the pattern I have on my nails. It has very thin lines and is rather detailed. I normally prefer squishy stampers to get all the details on my nails but this firm stamper picks up the images perfectly. 

Firm stamper perform better with geometrical designs so I wasn't surprised, that the stamper will do a good job here. 

And last but not least I decided to try another detailed flowery pattern to see if it was just a coincidence that the firm stamper picks it up well but as you can see: PERFECTION!

Due to the clear head, you an see through your stamper and when you place the pattern on your nail, you can see if you missed any spot and that's why I'm now totally in love with this stamper. You can place the image sooo correctly, it's unbelievable.

From this point the stamper is really amazing because it's firm enough to pick up the image fantastically (even without priming) and the whole nail gets covered very well with the pattern. Perfectly for beginner and advanced stamping experts.

If anybody would ask me which stamper I would recommend it would totally be this one. I think you can do nothing wrong with buying this one, you don't even need to prime it, it just works perfectly from the very beginning. It's awesome! Really awesome!


  1. Very detailed review! I have this stamper too and I absolutely love it! In fact I have a review on my blog just now with this product :)

  2. Hi,
    I love this stamper ! what polish you used for stamping ?