Feb 18, 2016

Carneval construction work nails

Totally different design to what I normally do. Last week was carneval, much more populat here than Halloween for example and I dressed up with some friends as construction worker and drove in the big parade (well big in our region) last Tuesday.

And because my nails had to match my outfit I did some construction nails.

Items used:

Color Club "French Tip"
KIKO #279
TCM "bordeaux"
essence colour & go "126 date in the moonlight"

No I didn't paint all by myself. The construction signs are stickers I made myself. I printed out the signs, painted a layer of top coat over it, cut it out and put in into water. After some seconds you can peel off a bit of the paper and the decal is finished. I stuck it on my nails with clear polish and topped it with top coat.

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