Jan 11, 2016

Flower vintage nails

I had a heavy break last week so I had to go back to short and always when I have short nails I have the desire to paint some roses on top.

All 10 nails only roses? Not for me. I wanted something different on my pointer and middle finger and decided to stamp a lace pattern on top. Lace and roses always work great together, right?!

Items used:

KIKO #377
KIKO #447
KIKO #296
essence the gel nail polish "39 blue bubble di blue"
mundo de unas "white"
p.s. white polish
nail art bush

One of my favorite free had patterns are for sure flowers. Although they look quite difficult they are so easy to make and always fun for me. People think it takes ages to paint them but with a little practice it's quickly done. For both hands the full design, including stamping, base color,... it took me 35 min. Some may thing who wants to spend more than 10 min doing the nails and I can proudly say: ME! So in comparison to other designs 35 min is like 2 min for "not nails freaks" hahahaha.

1 comment:

  1. The hand painted roses are so perfect and beautiful! Great mani and I am sorry about the nail break, it happened to me too :(