Dec 15, 2015

[REVIEW] Flowery and glittery nail stickers

Work + getting sick + university = another two weeks where I didn't find the time to do my nails. Uff, what a hard fall this year. Anyway I now finally think I'm back. I know I thought this already a couple of times but now I really believe most of the work is done.

So this time I'm back with another review from Here I have nail art stickers which are super easy to apply but let's start from the beginning.

These 12 nail art stickers (6 for each hand) come in different sizes and fit very well. Many other fullcover nail art stickers don't fit my nails but here I found a perfect size for each nail. They are item #22602.

All of the stickers look a little different but they look very nice combined on the nails. When you want to apply I you can simply peel them off and place them on your nails. With the purple nail file it's easy to put the access sticker away.

The stickers are super sparky and I didn't use any top coat, so they are also super shiney and look amazing. I wore them for a birthday party and I had to look at my nails all the time because I like them sooooo much.

Now to the thing I didn't like so much. Although the stickers were super sticky, they didn't stick well enough on my nails. I cleaned my nails very well before and even buffed it a little so that it won't be oily at all but already after a couple of hours it started to peel off on some parts and it didn't surviv having a shower.

Anyway they are totally worth buying if you want to have amazing nails for a hot party night. 


  1. I usually don't like whole nail stickers but I have to admit these look great on your nails!