Dec 27, 2015

[REVIEW] Cuticle tattoos

I feel like a round ball after all these family dinners with lots and lots of food. Hope you also enjoyed your christmas days.

It's time for another review. This time I have cuticle tattoos for you and I did again two designs.

Item #19807 can be bought online and you can choose between different pattern, mine is pattern 001.

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The first design is really simple but I like it a lot. I started with a ruffian design with a white polish - Color Club - French Tip and KIKO polish from the satin laquer LE.

The cuticle tattoos are super simple and easy to apply. Clean your skin with a cotton pad and water, then you cut out the tattoos which fit your size and peel off the transparent foil. Next step is pressing the tattoo on your cuticle and you press is firmly with a wet cotton tip. After 10 seconds the tattoo sticks perfectly on your cuticle.

I added some dots to make it a little more fancy.

In my next design I used my JQ-18 stamping plate and made a cute laze design.

The grey polish is OPI - Embrace the grey and the stamping polish is black from Mundo de Unas. 

I like how they look. It makes your nails more fancy. Altough I have to say I prefer the version with only two cuticle tattoos the other is a little bit too much to me. What do you think about it?

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