Nov 8, 2015

Greek stamping design

Hey everyone! Omg how busy was last month?! I had soo much to do in University and I also got accepted for an amazing job which also started this months. So next to all the learning, homework, interviews and writing applications I hardly had some time to do my nails.

I posted some designs on IG but nothing here on my blog. Today I finally have some time to update all the post but don't be confused, also my Halloween nails will be online today.

Items used:

s-he #115
Mundo de Unas "Iris"
studs from

I have no idea anymore which stamping plate I used. I tried to look through all the plates but I couldn't find the pattern anymore.

I also removed some of the studs because it was a little too much. The whole design remindes me of a holiday in Greece although I never been there yet.

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