Oct 10, 2015

[SWATCH] Picture Polish - Rebelle

Last week I ordered a whole bunch of stamping polishes online at I get all my polishes there if I don't buy them in local stores. You can see a pic of what I ordered on IG. Anyway they were so kind to send me this beautiful, more than gorgeous polish to test. It's Picture Polish - rebelle.

I applied two thin coats, without top coat. The color is super pretty, a light soft peach and the formula of picture polish is amazing as usual. It's super shiney even without any top coat and covers very well. I don't know if you can see it in the pictures but it has a tiny glitter particles in so try to look closely.

Thank you so much girls and boys from for sending this polish to me. I love the color and I will always wear it with joy.


  1. I saw you're swatch on Nailland Hungary's IG page and I feel in love instantly with this polish!

  2. What a soft beauty! Love the sparkle!