Oct 8, 2015

[REVIEW] zodiac water decals

How cool are those water decals with different zodiac signs on it? I got it from (item #20072).

I goes best with zodiac water decals? Galaxy nails! Yeey. I always love to do them because they always turn out totally different.

Here's the reminder when you order at their site online. Don't forget to use my discount code SSUNX31.

This time I used a new polish as a base. It's flormar WL10 from the wet look collection. I applied two coats without top coat.

When the polish was dry it was time for some sponging. I always use a little piece of a make up sponge to make my galaxy. I more or less sponge the polishes randomly on my nails and after many different layers it turns out like this. I applied some glitter and a layer of top coat.

Items used:

flormar "WT10"
essence colour & go "129 the boy next door"
KIKO #386
essence 1 <3 TRENDS "07 bubble bath"
H&M pink glitter nail polish
water decals from bornprettystore

If you never used water decals before you might ask how it works. Basically it's really simple. You cut out the image you like, rip off the plastic and put it in water for 10 seconds. They can now easily be placed on your nails. Seal it with top coat and you're done. Super easy and makes such a cool effect on your nails.


  1. This nail art is so original. Love the base very much and these decals are the most proper for it!