Oct 5, 2015

[REVIEW] stamping polish from bornprettystore

Woop woop another package with things to review from arrived today. The first thing I was toootally curious about was the stamping polish. As you know I'm totally into stamping lately and my stamping plate and polish collection is growing day by day.

The stamping polish I choose is a dark red/berry colour and I loved the color the minute I saw it. It's item #22179 and color #13.

For this review I tried out 3 different patterns, all from the bornprettystore stamping plate BPL-024 and used two different bornprettystore stamper - a squishy one and a firm one - good to compare and see if there's a difference.

First I stamped the polish on a nail wheel once on a white and once on a black base and you see that the coverage is really good. You don't need a lot of polish because it's really highly pigmented and I love that. After mundo de unas polishes they are my second favorite so far.

Time to compare the polish on the stampers. As you can see the pattern looks amazing on both stampers. I think it's very important for a brand that the polishes and the stampers and the plates are compatible. Here it totally fits my expectation so thumbs up.

A closer look atthe squishy stamper:

And a closer look at the firm stamper:

So and now it's finally time to look how the polish looks on nails.

Is it's already the wrong time for a tropical print on my nails?! Well I think this polish totally makes it an amazing fall look. I love the color and I love how it's "working". A totally amazing stamping polish. Did I say too much amazing in this post? hahaha amazing, amazing, amazing!

Before I leave you with the last couple of pictures I'd like to remind you of my 10% discount you always get when using my discount code SSUNX31.


  1. Wow Sabrina these look amazing!! I am in love with this colour you picked <3 Haha I actually received a package from BPS too this weekend and have the same sort of stamping polish for review! It's a turquoise colour but I'm super excited to try it out after seeing your amazing results :)

    1. Oh yes it really works great. Totally love it. Can't wait to read your review to see how you like it!