Sep 20, 2015

[31DC2015] water marble

Sorry for not posting the last week. I got sick and I just couldn't manage to do my nails or to edit the pictures. That's why today and tomorrow a loooot of blogposts will be online. 

I know this probably counts as cheating  because I stamped my water marbles hahahaha. I had a bad fever and I already knew that real water marbeling takes ages for me. 

My base was s-he #115, my second favorite white polish and all the stamping polishes on top are by mundo de unas.

Items used:

s-he #115
mundo de unas  "chocolate"
mundo de unas "fantasy"
mundo de unas "turquoise"
DB nails spring plate 07

How do you like water marbeling? Do you have any tips for me that I don't have to cheat anymore?`


  1. Haha I thought 'wow this watermarble is so perfect' and then I thought 'weeell maybe a bit too perfect' :D I love the stamping and the gradient!

    1. I could never ever do a water marble as perfect as this. I can't even do one looking okay. Water marbeling isn't my thing. I know I should probably practice more but hm no... I'm no fan of it. Thank you Robin