Sep 1, 2015

[31DC2015] red nails

First day of the 31 Day Challenge 2015 and the theme is red. During this month I really want to practice my stamping skills so I started with some stamped hearts for day one. 

It looked so so cute in nature but let's take first a look at the base color. It's so far my favorite red of all time - catrice - alluring red from the metallure LE.

On top of this beauuutiful polish I stamped a white stamping polish from Konad with my spring stamping plate #02 by OB nails.

I also like these plain nails a lot but when I found the heart stud in my studs box I had to stick it on.

In reality it's hard for me to wear it so I put of off after the pictures again. 

I always like to compare designs I did to see my improvement so here on the left is my red-design from 2014 and on the right the one of 2015.