Sep 22, 2015

[31DC2015] inspired by a song

Ain't nobody, loves me better, makes me happy, makes me feel this way - I had this song in my ear aaaall day long that's why I had to take this one as an inspiration for "inspired by a song".

Items used:

essence the gel nail polish "46 black is back"
girl stuff (I can't see a name somewhere)
b.pretty "6 chrome sweet chrome"
OB stamping plate "spring 07"
essence stamping plate (no name on it)

I was basically inspired by the girl stuff glitter polish because I think it's the perfect polish which describes a very young and fresh love. Combined with this polish I chose a pink chrome polish by b.pretty, an Austrian drugstore brand. It's amaaaazing for stamping, at least all the chrome polishes. 

The kissing or almost kissing couple is from my bornprettystore BPL-021 stamping plate, the LOVE is from an essence plate which has no name on it. 

Only two fingers stamped was too less for me that's why I also stamped to little things on two other fingers. The one on my thumb is from SE18 stamping plate and the other is from OB stamping plate "spring 07".

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