Sep 26, 2015

[31DC2015] inspired by a pattern

Does this count as pattern? I have no idea. I saw so many different design done with heart vinyls which looked like this and I wanted to have such cute hearts on my nails too.

Because I don't have any vinyls I did it - who would have thought this - with a stamping plate. In the end I smudged it a little but just don't look too closely hahaha.

Items used:

essence the gel nail polish "46 black is back"
Konad white stampy polish 
OB nails stamping plate Spring 04

If you look for stamping plates with lots of different patterns for a rather cheap price look for this collection on aliexpress. The quality is really fine specially when you consider this price. I think I paid 15€ for 26 small round plates. They come with full nail designs and also have little icons inbetween.

As soon as I settled by whole university stuff I will make a whoooole post about stamping and what I've learned during the last month. If you already have some spezific questions please let me know down below.

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