Sep 23, 2015

[31DC2015] inspired by a movie

The amazing spiderman part 2 was on TV some days ago and I never did a spiderman design so far so I took it for my inspiration today.

Items used:

catrice "alluring red"
essence "129 the boy next door"
acrylic paint
nail art striper 

I love both polishes so much. I think they are perfect for a spiderman because they both have a little shimmer and shine in it.

I don't know why I didn't take a picture of my thumb because I painted a super cute spider on it. You have to imagine it yourself. Sorry.

Which movie do you like better? Last year's nemo or this year's spiderman?


  1. I recently saw the last Spiderman movie. I was not very impressed of it, but your nail art is genius. Love your ring finger and thumb nail art a lot!

    1. Yes that's also my feeling about the last spiderman... thank you a lot