Sep 27, 2015

[31DC2015] inspired by artwork

Ok this didn't come out as I had expected it. I saw this picture somewhere on pinterest and I wanted to recreate it because I like it a lot.

I was totally sure I had the pretty same pattern on one of my MoYou London stamping plates. I didn't even check because I was really tooottally sure.

That'y why I started with a dry brush, super color full background. When it was dry I was looking for the square patterns but I couldn't find any. While looking at all my different stamping plates I suddenly was sure that there were circles on my original picture I was inspired with. So guess what I did? Yes right, I stamped these circles on my nails and was super happy with the result.

I continued taking pictures and when I started to crop them to the right size I recognized that I didn't stamp the squares... No idea why I did the squares but I didn't want to do the design again. With university starting and with my exchange semester I have to plan I really have too much to do at the moment.

Hope you like the design anyway.

Items used:

essence colour & go "137 wanna be your sunshine"
essence the gel nail polish "12 mandarine bay"
essence colour & go "107 naughty and pink!"
essence colour & go "133 oh my glitter!"
essence colour & go "128 let's get lost"
essence black stampy polish
MoYou London artist collection 03

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