Sep 18, 2015

[31DC2015] half moons

Half moons is definitely noooot my favorite topic. I did 100 different things and I wasn't happy with one single design. This one was the last thing I did and I was half happy with it which was totally enough for me for this day hahahaha.

I started with this light rose base. It's catrice - another pink panther from the Crème Fresh LE. On top of the base I first wanted to paint a dream catcher:

I didn't really like the outcome, so I pimmed the other three nails with a little bit of acrylic paint and water which is a kind of acquarell style. I randomly places red a blue acrylic paint on it added with water I made is flow into each other.

With polish remover I removed the dream catcher and than added the half moons free hand.

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