Sep 14, 2015

[31DC2015] flowers

Hello and welcome to day number 14. Two weeks are already over who would have thought this. Today I have a reverse stamping flower design for your. 

Items used:

Konad white stampy polish
KIKO #355
KIKO #279
KIKO #322
KIKO #370
catrice "49 Keep Pool"
stamping plate hehe 006

Everything started with my blue color. I didn't use catrice - keep pool for ages so I took it as my base color. 

I had a lovely sunflower on my hehe plate 006 and together with a white stamping polish from Konad I stamped the decals which I later filled with two different yellows and two different brown nail polishes (I know you can hardly see the difference).

With a little bit of topcoat I stuck the decals on my nails and sealed everything with another layer of top coat.

How simple is that?!