Sep 13, 2015

[31DC2015] animal print

Day 13 really means my holiday is over and it's time to think about university again. I still have three exams until my semester starts again which is on the 1st of October.

Items used:

catrice "20 Meet Me At Coral Island"
essence the gel nail polish "44 black is back"
essence "32 gold rush"
essie "matte about you"
striping tape
studs from boryprettystore

For this design I was inspired by @allnailseverything. She's such an amazing artist and all her designs are flawless.

Time to zoom in a little:

What do you think about animal print nails? Although I hate animal print everywhere else I totally love them on nails.


  1. The animal print looks cute together with the heart studs and I really like that you mattefied this one!

    1. Yes I tought this really needs a matte top coat haha thank you