Aug 27, 2015

[REVIEW] Water decals elegant flowers

Last item for review are water decals with the item #20320 from They come on a sheet with 4 different patterns.

All of them are super beautiful flower designs and they fit perfectly to my nail size which is important for me when I wear full size water decals. 

I decided to go first with the dark flowers but you'll definitely see all the other decals in the future here on the blog. 

They are already in the right size for your nails so you only cut them appart and put them into water for 10 seconds.

I put a white base below to make an solid base and placed the water decals on top. 

I decided to top them with those little studs which I also bought online at bornprettystore. They are item #12410 and as usual if you order online use my discout code SSUNX31.

I was curious how long they last on my hand so I let them on for about a week and they still looked amazing. Now time for even more pics, I couldn't stop stairing at my nails and I love every single picture. 


  1. I love more and more water decals and these are stunning ones! Have a great day and weekend!

    1. Have a great weekend too. Yes they are amazing indeed

  2. So very pretty! need to try some as well, they look amazing!