Aug 22, 2015

[REVIEW] Nautical anchor nail decoration

I was again asked to review a couple of product for and today I'd like to start with these super cute anchor nail decoration. They are item #21315 and you can chose between 15 different studs and I thought why not take golden anchors because I never had such studs so far. 

They come in a package of 10 pieces and have a super cute rhinestone in the middle. Don't forget, if you order online please feel free to use my discount code SSUNX31.

Items used:

essence colour & go "180 it's raining men!"
essence colour & go "114 feme fataal"
Color Club "French Tip"
anchor nail decoration from bornprettystore
studs from bornprettystore 
2 different sized nail vinyls for the stripes

I wasn't sure if I should go for black and white with the golden anchor or if I should stick to a blue, red and white combination. 

I always wanted to do nautical nails with these other studs and this was the final point why I made this combination. 

The anchor is amazing. It seems like it really has a high quality. It also sticks quite well if you only use top coat instead of nail glue.

I had them quite a while in my hands and the golden color didn't go off which is really a good sign for me.

As you may have already recognized I like them a lot. They are a perfect summer must-have and make me want to go on holiday again.