Aug 24, 2015

[REVIEW] Diamond glitter and rhinestone picker pen

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion.

I have the honor to review again some products from This time I have something which I haven't seen before and which I'm very curious about: a rhinestone picker pen and a rectangular plate set.

All of this comes in a set and you can find it when you search for item #15501. The set consists of one thinner green pen, a plate where you can but your rhinestones on and two pieces of wax...

...and a second pen with a light pink wax. 

I could now show you even more pic of this set but I think it's better to see how it works that's why I combine to reviews in one today.  

Next to this set I got some diamond shaped glitter particles in different colors which are item #20279.

Ever since I saw the glitter cube design from frankiehuntersnails I knew I want to do it too and that's why I recreated it today with both the things I got.

I started with a black base which is essence the gel nail polish - 46 black is back. I then took the green rhinestone picker pen and pressed one side firmly into the wax. This wax can later pick up the glitter particles when you want to place them on your nail.

Then I applied some transparent polish where the glitter particles should now stick on your nails the way you want to. I decided to go for cubes as I said inspired by Frankie. 

You repeat this step until all the nails are finished.

I really have to say: How could I ever live without this pen?! It works so super fine and easy and I really prefer it over a normal dotting tool dipped into top coat what I always did up to now. 

Ladies go and get yourself this pen! Really, I'm serious, it's amazing! My favorite tool I got this year. Specially when you think about the price of it (I think it costs about 1§) it's for sure no waist of money.

Also a big plus is this little plate. Normally I have glitter all over my table when I do glitter placement nails and it's hard to clean it but this plate really is a good invention.

I also like the glitter particles although I have to say some of them aren't perfect. Some have some inperfections but those aren't many so they are really nice if you want to have a variety of different colors in one box.

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