Aug 14, 2015

Marge Simpson nails

I was really happy with the freehand painting thing of my smurfs and with my new acrylic paints that's why I thought I make another freehand design. This time it's Marge from the Simpsons. I was inspired by a picture I found on pinterest. I'm quite new to this freehand thingy, it doesn't look so good as the original picture but the more I practice the better I get, right?!

I only used Color Club "French Tip" as my base and all the rest is acrylic paint, lots of concentration, failures and errors but in the end it looked good enough for me.

I like to try the freehand painting even more. I'd love if you write some ideas in the comments so I get some new challanges. I will promise to try out everything you want, even though I might fail.