Aug 2, 2015

Girly flower stamping

Enough of free hand painting. Time for some simple stamping. Usually I get way more likes on designs I don't spend much time on and those who need a couple of hours don't get so many likes. Always strange.

Anyway I like this girly flower stamping nail design on my nails today. 

I've seen a quite similar design somewhere but I don't know where or maybe I dreamed of it hahaha. You'll never know. 

Items used:

Konad white stampy polish
China Glaze "custom kicks"
spring stamping plate #01 by OB nails
studs from bornprettystore 

I like the stamping on a plain nail very much, It makes the design super light and not so heavy. Perfect for a summer day like today. 


  1. How cute! This looks adorable! The white flowers with negative space remind me a bit of a lace dress :)

    1. You're true. I haven't thought about that. thank you Robin

  2. Completely agree with the comment above! It looks so elegant

  3. Wunderschön! *.* Das sieht wirklich elegant und mädchenhaft aus :)