Aug 11, 2015

Furry nails

Essence had the fun fair LE which had this super cute cotton candy powder for your nails which should look like you have cotton candy on your nails.

I had this little box at home and today was finally the day where I had time to try them out. Just sprinkle the power across your wet nail polish and wait for it to dry. Voilá so easy to do and really looks differnt to everything else I did before. 

It feels so strange on your nails when you touch it and after a day it looked like mould. I don't know if you like it but I really didn't. When you have enough of furry nails you can simply remove it with nail polish remover.  

Items used:

Color Club "French Tip"
deBBy gel play #24
essence fun fair cotton candy nails "02 sugar for my honey"
dotting tool

I first thought to make all my nails furry but I like mix and match things so I decided to make some dots on all the other nails. It fit quite good to all the fur and really looked cute. 

What do you think about fur on your nails?  I liked it for about two hours and than it really was enogh for me. It's nice to look at but not good for daily use. You can't wash the dishes or wash yourself because then it starts looking disgusting. 


  1. Sooo cute. I've tried just once to use fury powder and loved the feeling of it on the nails!
    I like the light color of the one you have on your nails. Your mani is adorable!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes I also liked it a lot first but then it looked really really strange

  2. Can you believe I never used the furry stuff while I have it in my house for more than 2 years? I wonder why now I see your cute nail art. Adorable!

    1. Thank you. I like the look a lot but it's not good for a all day life hahaha

    2. Thank you. I like the look a lot but it's not good for a all day life hahaha

  3. Ich finde es sieht echt süß aus, aber ja, für den Alltag sicher nicht besonders praktisch...schade eigentlich, ich hab sie deswegen auch nicht gekauft^^