Aug 31, 2015

[31DC2015] another introduction

I don't know how many of you already know the 31 DAY CHALLANGE. It's a challange where you do a nail design each day to a special topic. You may ask why somebody should do it - well it's a super experience, you learn so much for yourself and you have to be creative every day and it's super fun. It always starts on the 1st of September and people post it on every social network, just look for #31dc2015 and maybe you want to participate yourself.

Here you can see what I did last year.

I'm curious what ideas I have this year. I already did two or three designs because I'm on holiday for a week inbetween so I thought I already create something to keep on track.

This year I want to focus a bit on stamping because I really want to improve it and I have so many new plates which I'll show you soon.

Are anyone of you doing it too?

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