Jul 23, 2015

Water marble nails

Water marble and me, may we ever be friends? I'm not so sure about that... I was watching some random videos on youtube when I came across this video by the amazing simplynailogical and I was laughing my ass off. This brought me to the idea of again trying to do a water marble design. Up to know It always turned out super super messy and not really pretty (see here).

I thought, well my last try was about 10 months ago, I improved in every other technique, maybe I can now even do a nice water marble. And what was the result? Nope. nothing really changed when I try to put my fingers in the cup of water. Nothing, still ugly and messy as always.

Ok I really had to surrender again. The moment I decided I will never ever put my fingers again in such a cup of water the circles finally turned out the way I wanted it to. I then decided to do it the same way as simplynailogical did at the end of her video because I didn't want to risk that only one nail is quite ok and all the others turn out messy again.

That's why I let the polish dry for about an hour in this little cup and then put it out gently and cut it. With the help of a top coat I placed it on three nails and cleaned my cuticle areas. This way it almost looks pretty right? Almost hahaha. 

Items used:

Sally Hansen Xtream wear "Coral Reef"
Sally Hansen Xtream wear "Perfect Pear-ing"

I think I don't miss anything when I don't do water marble. I guess I won't touch my cup again the at least the next 10 months hahaha

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