Jul 20, 2015

Stamping over dry brush nails

I'm totally into stamping lately because I think I finally have the knack of it. I'm also planning on making a how to/where to buy section on my blog because so many people keep asking me where I buy certain things or how I actually do them. It needs still some more time until this post is ready because I'd also like to show you my collection so far and I made a massive stamping plate order two weeks ago which still needs to arrive.

This is again a design where I made a base with the dry brush technique like here. Other than the last time I made my base with a mix of pastel and neon colors and topped everything with a layer of glitter.

Items used:

essence nail art stampy polish black
KIKO #228
flormar "N003 Tender Pink"
flormar "BT01 Cookie Monster"
flormar "JL10 Turquoise Green"
flormar "JL02 Salmon Pink"
MoYou stamping plate "Kaleidoscope 04"

If you don't know how the dry brush technique works please be so kind and read this post. I tried to explain it there a little and I hope it makes sense. This time I even took some pics of my base color because I thought it looks super pretty.

Can you see the subtile shimmer? It's the super pretty polish of KIKO with gives your design just a little bit of glitter.

Time to stamp the pattern on the nails. It's actually my first time that I use this plate although I already have it since christmas. 

With stamping I can really be confortable going outside with having the same design on both hands. Normally my left hand looks super pretty and my right hand (cinderella hand) looks like a 3 year old tried to do my nails - well not thaaat bad but a lot worse than my left hand. 

And now: time for a macro!

When I was out with those nails yesterday the people even asked me where they can buy these super cute nail foils that I'm wearing. It really took me a minute until I recognized what they meant and it's great if you can say that you did those nails by yourself.


  1. I love the base you've created and the stamping pattern is perfect on it. The final effect looks like a piece of stained glass. Love, love, love it!

  2. Both mani's are gorgeous, love your dry brush nail art as well!