Jul 30, 2015

Smurf nails

I bought myself some new acrylic paints because my old one just didn't work out the way I wanted it to and next to this I only had 4 different colors. Today I was super curious how they work and a friend of mine asked if it was prossible to make smurf nails. I guess he just wanted to make a joke but anyway I thought "challenge accepted". 

I think it took me forever until I was happy (or almost happy) with my result. It was the first time EVER I painted facesn on my nails and I can't even remember if I ever painted some faces somewhere else, maybe as a child when you paint your family but I think you can't compare it. 

For the whole design I only used one polish which is catrice C04 another pink panther from the Creme Fresh LE. 

I struggeled most with Smurfette. She was really the most difficult for me. It felt like ages until I had her finished. The whole design motivated me for doing even more handpainted design which can be a bit more difficult than just plain flowers.