Jul 3, 2015

[REVIEW] Red roses water decals

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion.

Hello ladies. Time for another review of a product I got from Before you ask, yes I shortened my nails, quite a lot actually. I was fed up with the long nails and I thought this size will be my companion for quite a while. It's much shorter than I used to have but I really love it. What do you think?

Anyway back to business. This time on my nails is item #20622 which are super cute red roses. 

They do have a different color than it seems online but I like it anyway. Again it's the problem with the labeling because it says nail art sickers on the package and the instructions are also for stickers but they actually are water decals (I had this problem already twice). For me it's no problem because I can handle both (although I love water decals much much more). It's just strange if you're new into such things and you don't know how to handle these. If you want to know how those work click here

This time I started with a nude base which is wet'n'wild #458C Yo Soy/Féve de soya. I got it for my birthday and I love love love this shade. Can you imagin that it's only one layer of polish and it coveres so well?! I didn't even use a top coat here. Amazing. 

Time to place the water decals on in. The color is again a bit different because the decals are transparent and the nude polish shines through. 

They were a bit more bitchy then the others I had. They are really robust and that's why it takes much longer time in water but the good thing about this is, that they don't break of smudge or anything else. 

I like the outcome because they really look vintage and that's what I like on my nails. The only problem was, that they are a bit too small for my nails. You can't really see it on the pics but in nature you can see, that there is 1-2mm space left and/or right. 

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  1. I love the vintage effect that the nude polishes creates with these decals!