Jul 6, 2015

[REVIEW] Flower stickers

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion. 

I have another super cute flowery design for you today. I got those stickers again from and I wanted to do a negative space design for a long time and I thought this kind of fit very well together. 

This time those flowers are no water decals but nail art stickers. You can find them with item #20692. Don't forget to use my discount code to get 10% off.

The stickers are simple and easy to use and stick very well on your nails. The only thing I don't really understand is why those flowers on the bottom are so long and they stick together so I had to use a pair of scissors to cut them apart without getting all the others damaged. 

As you can see you have a huge variety of different flowers. Let you're creativity flow because there are so many different possibilities you can do with them.

Items used:

essie "lilacism"
Color Club "French Tip"
nail vinyls I got here
nail art stickers from bornprettystore

As I said to you in the beginning I wanted to have some negative space nails so I placed the vinyls on my ring and middle finger and painted the purple polish around. All the rest of the nails where painted in white.

I let it dry completely and placed the nail art stickers on them, pressed them down firmly and sealed the whole design with a layer of top coat.

How do you like this design? I think it's super for a nice sunny day. Who doesn't like to wear pastel on the nails in summer?!