Jul 27, 2015

Minion nails

I was tagged in a video and was asked if I could do mionion nails and of course I said yes. Haven't done them before and I always wanted to do them but somehow never did it.

My number of yellow polishes is really limited. I think I have about 3 or 4 and I never had THE perfect minion yellow color. Luckily I got wet'n'wild - 472D D'oh/Oups! for my birthday and I think this color really suits well. 

Items used:

wet'n'wild "472D D'oh/Oups!"
essence the gel nail polish" 46 black is back"
KIKO #465
Color Club "French Tip"
OPI "My silk tie"
dotting tool in 3 sizes
striping brush

I get asked so often if I can do a video tutorial and this time I thought yes I could try it again but I again failed. I'm just not good at doing it. I can't think of anyone who is less talented in doing nail art videos than me. Really. Horrible. 

Bananaaa. Those nails really make you happy. Believe me you keep staring at it all day long and all the people you meet too. It's a garantee for lots of smiles and happy people. 

Aaaaand those nails fit perfectly to the cake I made for my sister's birthday this weekend. It's a chocolate, nuts, cherry cake (three different layers) and some blueberry muffins in case more guests come than were expected. 


  1. My daughter is a big Minion fan, I am going to show here this post! Love how cute your mani came out and that cake, well it is a piece of art. I didn't knew that you're so talented on making cakes! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Andrea! Well actually I don't bake. Never. The only exception is my little sister's (hahaha little, one head taller and already 20) and my boyfriend's birthday.