Jul 15, 2015

Leopard meets zebra print nails

Before I start with my post I can say right away: If you don't like watching at pictures of this design you're totally wrong here hahaha. I'm sooo in love with this design and I made a bazillion pictures and I just can't decide which one not to post of those. I had about twice as much so this is really my lover limit. I can delete any others anymore. 

I keep stairing at my nails all day long although I now wear it already the third day. I checked my IG and the last time I did a zebra print on my nails was 58 weeks ago and looked really horrible. After the last time I somehow never did them again because I didn't like the outcome. I don't know what hit me that I finally decided to do one again. 

Items used:

Color Club "French Tip"
KIKO #279
KIKO #310
KIKO #444
KIKO #445
KIKO #292
KIKO #448
KIKO #449
essence the gel nail polish "46 black is back"
striping brush
dotting tool
make-up sponge

I wanted to do a rainbow gradient in the background and that's why I started with a white base (I know you already heart this step hundret times). The white makes sure that you're colors really pop out. 

I always did three colors on one nail and topped it with a quick dry top coat. The top coat has two reasons a) it makes your gradient super smooth and each color flows into the next one when adding a top coat and b) when I make mistakes with the black polish I can easier correct it with a q-tip and some polish remover. 

On my nails my top coat looks really shiny and smooth but somehow here on the pics the top coat looks not the way I want it too. Maybe I should change mine soon. Well this one is actually my plan B because my Seche Vite top coat has some delivery delays.

On top of my gradient I painted my zebra print diagonally with a nail art striper and I was really proud of myself after I looked at it. I know, a man's praise in his own mouth stinks but I think that it's something good when you're proud of yourself and give your self esteem a boost. 

The zebra is here, time that it finally meets the leopard. I painted the leopart print with a small dotting tool left and right of the zebra print. 

I hope you don't have enough of my pics yet, because there are still many to come. What should I say?! I just love the outcome on my nails.

This was it. If you're still reading and looking at my pics I have to say thank you. I know I probably made too many but if you love something really much, you have to make a lot of pics of it. 


  1. Ich kann gut verstehen, dass du das Design gerne magst-sieht super aus :) Ging mir letztens mit nem Glitzer-Regenbogen-Gradient auch so.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Oh danke sehr. Ja macht mich echt stolz dieses Design

  2. Fun looking nail art and the colors make it very eye-catching and summery!

  3. omg i loooove it! its so bright and colourful! your gradients are perfect!

    Galorious x