Jul 11, 2015

Dry brush egypt nails

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy your summer as much as I do. After all these reviews and flower power designs which I made the last couple of weeks I thought it might be time for something totally different. 

I was talking with a girl on instagram about stampers. She had the same three as I have and we soon recognized how different we see each stamper. She is a fan of such a white marshmallow stamper (middle) and I don't really know how to handle it. (I have to say my white stamper is not so marshallowy as a real good one for example from MoYou).

Anyway this brought me to the idea of doing some stamping on my nails because I really wanted to see if I can handle the white stamper now (didn't use it for at least half a year) and I can say right away - no still can't handle that one so this design was made with my favorite stamper which is the green one. 

Items used:

essence nail art stampy polish black
she #332
HEMA "Holografic Copper"
wet'n'wild "458C Yo Soy"
essence I <3 TRENDS "11 nude, dos, tres!"
MoYou stamping plate "artists 03"

These nails are super easy to make although they look a bit complicated. I chose holografic copper as my base color. I made two thin layers which looks really beautiful with this polish. Now it's time for the trickier part. Pull out the brush of one of the brown polishes and try to put almost all the color off of it. I always try on a sheet of paper first if I really don't have much color on it anymore. 

Time for the actuall painting. Wipe you brush randomly from left to right, right to left, up and down however you want it. It should look like a child who paints with a brush which ran out of paint. The more random it looks the better. Does this technique make sense to you? I hope I explained it understandable. It's called the dry brush technique and you can do lots of different designs with it. 

Repeat it on all your nail with all the polishes and this should give you  a super nice look which equals papyrus as I think. Next step is the stamping. I stamped a kind of egypt/tribal design on it which I also used here

To make my nails super shiny I sealed everything with a layer of top coat and voilá, the design is finished. It's not at all complicated isn't it?