Jun 13, 2015

[TWIN NAILS] Turquoise stone nails

When was the last time I did bestie twin nails? Well I don't know but must be at least half a year. (I think it was this design). Anyway this time I teamed up with the super talented Sophia of polished_casual

I've been following her for a couple of months now and you should follow her too if you like cool nail art design and super interesting blog posts.

We once talked about this spray technique and we both said it would be a great idea for twin nails and that's what we did today. 

First of all don't be afraid of this design. It doesn' require any special skills. The most important thing which I discovered is, that you use a right spray to get the right stains. I recognized that nails which should look like a turqoise stone look the best when I use a cheap parfum. But let's start from the begining. 

Items used:

essence iARRIBA! TE "02 macarena mint"
essence gel nail polish"46 black is back"
essence colour & go "157 my fortune cookie"
cup of water
spray (parfum, hairspray,...)
(liquid) tape !!!

I painted two thin layers of the turqoise polish and let it dry. Meanwhile I put tape around my nails to prevent getting too dirty around the cuticle and believe me, YOU GET DIRTY. You can also use liquid tape for it and simply peel every thing off afterwards. 

Now time for the messy part. Take your cup of water and drop some black paint in it, immediately take your spray, in my case a parfume, and spray one or two times until you get the stains you like and dip your fingers into it and put it out again. Voilá you have your mess but you also have your finished stains. You don't believe me?! Take a look:

If you've taped well you can now simply peel it off and you're more or less done, if you skipped this step I wish you fun with all the clean up now.

You would now do the same thing with the golden polish but my golden polish was too thin and too shimmery and that's why it didn't work out. So I just took a nail art brush and painted some golden spots. One layer of top coat and your design is finished.

I also tried a matte version which didn't look so good as I first thought it would.

And now it's time for Sophia's design. I really love how her nails turned out. (Click on the picture to directly read her post about it)


  1. Ui dein Design gefällt mir echt und die matte Version ist ja mal cool! Auf die Idee kam ich noch gar nicht ;D
    Übrigens danke für dein Kompliment, ich lese deine Posts auch echt gerne, ich mag deinen Schreibstil total!! <3
    Liebe Grüße und einen schönen und hoffentlich erholsamen Sonntag! :)

    1. Oh danke :D bein leider nicht so erholsam. Habe nächste Woche eine einstündige Präsentation über Ambidexterität und muss das erst noch vorbereiten :D

    2. Oha! Dann viel Erfolg!!! :)

  2. I love it, awesome design! I really like this spray technique, it's so easy but looks really cool! :)

  3. Ich bin richtig begeistert von euren Twin Nails, sind beide super toll geworden! :)