Jun 18, 2015

[SWATCHES] ¡arriba! TE essence

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion. 

Hey guys! Wow I'm super excited today to finally try out the new ¡arriba! TE from essence. They were so kind to send me all those items which you can see above. It really made my day when I got them because as you all know I'm super busy at the moment and these things were definitely worth trying!!

I'd like to start first with the lipgloss. 

¡arriba! lipgloss - 02 red corazón

I got one in a fantastic red shades which smells sooo good. It smell fresh but also juicy, just like strawberries, so very delicious. 

Next to the red one you can buy a rosé one. tii Both look very shiny and glossy, so perfect for a casual day out in summer.

Time to head over to the next item I got. It's a multicoloured eye shadow.

¡arriba! eyeshadow - 01 hola, guapa

The eyeshadow is varies in its shade always depending where you put you brush into, but basically it's purple - a very soft and shimmy purple.

I tried to swatch from different parts and in daylight you can really see a difference, although the difference isn't very big. It varies from a rosé touch to a darker purple. 

You can get the eyeshadow as well in a second color - blue, tourqoise, teal, beige mixture - and believe me, I definitely go and get the other one too. I really like it a lot. Unfortunatelly this color looks a bit strange on my eyes, but it's just my personal opinion. I always think I look sick when having purple eyeshadow on.

Now time for the thing I was most curious about - the hair chalk. I wanted to try a hair chalk ever since I knew such thing exists (I already saw it at other companies) but up to know I thought it's too expansive in case it doesn't work or if I don't like it and so far I never met someone who tried it. So luckly now it's my time to finally try it out. 

¡arriba! hair chalk - 01 hola, guapa

I would have prefered the teal one (which I'm going to buy anyway ;) ) but pink is also fine. I have naturally very very blond hair so the color should really come out amazingly.

It does make a mess, so I would really suggest that you follow the recommendations they wrote on the packaging.

Ready for the outcome? I have to say that it's only ONE glide with the chalk, the color is very intense and this is soooooo amazing. (No, I'm not naked on the pics although it looks like it hahahahaha)

For me it was love at first sight and it's THE perfect accessory for summer. I'm totally in love and I can't wait to try the teal one two.

The final items I got next to this super cool fan...

... are three polishes, a chalky matte, a spicy metallic and a glitter one. 

from left to right
¡arriba! nail polish - 02 macarena mint
¡arriba! nail polish - 04 la vida loca
¡arriba! top coat - 02 festival of colours

The following swatches were applied always in two layer without a top coat. 

If you'd ask me what I'd recommend most than it would be this polish. It has an amazing texture and is super easy to apply. It almost coveres with one layer but I'm used in applying everything in two layers. In comparison to other matte polishes it's not bitchy at all. I already posted a design where I used this polish (click). 

This purple is suuuuper nice to look at isn't it?! Aswell big love. Could write almost the same as above. Super easy to apply, no bubbles or anything else which bothers me sometimes. So thumbs up!

I applied this polish on two layer of I <3 TRENDS "The Pastels" 03 i'm so fluffy. It has chunks of different glitters in it but it's my least favorite polish of the three. I'm generelly not so into glitter top coats, sorry, but for those of you who love glitter toppers it's for sure top!

All in all the TE of essence is super amazing and I really like a lot. If you're not sure what to pick definitely go and get yourself the hair chalk and the teal polish! Thank you for you reading this really long post <3


  1. The hair chalk is very impressive. I didn't known that something like this it exists. I am asking myself if it would work on dark/black hair!? From the polishes I like the teal one a lot and that eyeshadow is great too. Great review and presentation!

    1. I'd also like to know how it looks on dark hair but my bf doesn't let me try it on his hair hahahaha. Thank you

  2. I love love love the hair chalk!! I have a pink one, but it has far less impressive results than this Essence one!! I definitely want to try it :) Also love the polishes you got to review, especially macarena mint and also la vida loca :)

    1. Thank you Robin! This hair chalk is really great.

  3. In love with your nails swatches. Thanks of them I felt in love with several nail polishes. Lol

    The hair chalk look good in your hair.

    Great review :)