Jun 28, 2015

Birthday Collab

Wow guys thank you so much! I'm so overwhelmed by all the amazing designs you made for my birthday collage. Wow you all made me really speachless. You came up with so many different designs. You really made me the most happiest girl in the world.

I'm turning 23 today (Oh wow. Haven't I just turned 18 yesterday?! Time flies) and I teamed up with so many amazing ladies to make a birthday collab inspired by this fabulous cake:

I found this cake on pinterest and immediately fell in love with it and I thought it would make a good inspiration and as you can see with the different designs of all the girls it was a good inspiration to pick. Everybody came up with so amazing ideas. 
And nooooooow *drum roll* here are all the designs:

I don't really know what I should say except of THANK YOU. Thank you Gerry, Agnes, Amina, Jessica, Doreen, Aletha, Isabel, Emmy, Fatimah, Fiona, Denise, Franziska, Steffi, Jenn, Kati, Nathalie, Sarah, Narissa, Sabrina, Nina, Jonna, Kirsten, Rachel, Robin, Selina, Sophia, Tara and Victoria. All the creations turned out so beautiful and even if I would I couldn't say which one is my favorite. You can click on all the pictures above to come directly to the artists.

I really had a hard time deciding what I'm going to do. I first had an idea which one of you pretty much did and I didn't want to copy anybody so I came up with this design:

The stripes and the lace are hand painted and I decided to stamp my flowers on because it first looked like a little girl in the kindergarden drew flowers on my nails.

Items used:
Color Club " French Tip"
mdu "lemon tree"
essence colour & go " 170 beijos de brazil"
mdu "fantasy"
KIKO #376
mdu "turqouise"
China Glaze "capacity to see beyong"
KIKO #386
Nailfun "Orange"
Nailfun "Gelb"
nail art brush
striping brush

I don't want to add much more to my blog post. All I can say, which I have said already a bazillion times, is thank you. Thanks to all of you out there and I hope you enjoy your day as much as I do. Xoxo Sabrina


  1. happy birthday girl! wow 23! I hope you had a great day! your own creation is awesome!!

  2. First of all Happy Birthday. I love all of the manicures, the ladies are very talented!

  3. Was für eine tolle Idee, die Collage ist wirklich genial geworden! Und alles liebe nachträglich zum Geburtstag! :)
    Liebe Grüße, Irma