Jun 5, 2015

Glitter placement nails with a heart

Still trying out blue designs. I haven't decided yet what I prefer... I recognized that I haven't done glitter placement nails since aaaaages and I thought well maybe it's finally time to do one design with my silver glitter particles.

The only thing you need, next to the items you use, is time. It's not hard to get this kind of look but you need a bit of patience. As you may know you have to place every single glitter on your nails so it could take some time to get this look if you have bigger nails.

The hardest thing for me was chosing the right polishes. I do have a lot of different colors and it was hard to find some in the exact same color family but I think I choose quite well.

Items used:

Formula X "destiny"
KIKO #339
KIKO #386
KIKO #448
LOOK "deep see"
glitter particles (you can get them almost everywhere but  I got mine here)
dotting tool or something similar to place the glitter
top coat

After a layer of base coat I painted two layers of each polish, starting with the lightest on my thumb. I don't know how you do it with glitter when you want to place it on your nails but I always paint a layer of top coat on my nail and place it where it belongs. For placing it I take a dotting tool dipped into top coat so the glitter particles sticks on it. With this technique I can place them quite exactly where I want them to be. 

It's so shimmery and glittery and shiny in sunlight. They forecasted good weather (sun 33°C) for tomorrow so this would really be a good option because then it sparkles perfectly. 


  1. Wow ^_^
    Wie geil sieht das denn bitte schön aus?? Da hat sich die Arbeit aber echt gelohnt - gefällt mir total gut!

    1. Danke Sophia! War aber wirklich extrem viel Arbeit

  2. WOW. That is time consuming!! Very very pretty!