Jun 1, 2015

Elegant blue, white and silver nails

Hey everyone! 
Yesterday I told you that I'm invited to a very chic and elegant wedding this coming weekend and I'm still not sure what to do on my nails. I'm wearing a blue dress with a white jacket and silver jewelery and shoes. I should also mention that my dress is totally plain without any glitter or ruffels or anything else. Just a simple dress which looks elegant and classy in kind of a sixty style - kind of.

I already loved talking with you about what I should do for my graduation day and so I thought why not doing it again. This week I'll try out many designs with these colors which I think could possibly fit and you tell me which ones are your favorite. I'd also like to hear ideas you have or what I could change or where I could improve. Every feedback is welcome, as long as it's constructive. 

I came across this stamping plate where I also made this design and I thought it may fit to a wedding. That's how this design developed. 

Items used:

essence the gel nail polish "33 wild white ways"
Nailfun stamping polish silver
essence the gel nail polish "31 electriiiiic"
Spring image plate #04 by OB nails
studs by bornprettystore

I first thought about stamping the silver design on a the blue background like this. 

I like it a lot but it was to less fancy for me so I removed the polish again on all my nails and painted my index finger and my pinky blue and the rest white. On the blue one I simply placed a stud in silver and on the white polish I stamped the silver design.

I like both version although I think I like the final second outcome a bit more. What do you think? How would you change this design or is it already fine like this? I'm happy about ever comment down below. 


  1. Ich mag das zweite Design auch ein bisschen lieber. Aber vllt könntest du anstatt Studs zu benutzen, Rhinestones nehmen. Das hat ein wenig mehr Bling und wirkt vllt noch festlicher :)
    Liebe Grüße Nina

    1. Ja auch eine sehr gute Idee. War auch am überlegen welche ich nehmen soll und hab mich dann für weniger bling bling entschieden.

  2. I love stamped manicures. It gives gorgeous manis with little effort you have to just settle for a pattern and a perfect polish and the results can always amaze me!

    1. Your words always make me so happy! Thank you so much Andrea!