Jun 18, 2015

Bling bling nails for a wedding

I know you waited so long until I finally posted these nails here. I already posted it on IG last week but I didn't have the time to edit the pics and write a blog post about it. I'm still so busy with university and now I'm also sitting in a lecture but I had to finally write a post.

As I told you I thing 100 times I was invited to a friend's wedding and I tried to fit my nails to my dress. The hardest thing was finding THE perfect blue. I do have sooooo many different shades but I couldn't decided which one to pick at the beginning.

After all I went for KIKO - 448 which is the second color from left. I first did it with the very right one:

but when I compared it with my dress it just wasn't the right color for it. KIKO - 448 was as you could see and after all I was really happy with my choise. All the glitter particels fit perfectly to my jewelery and the white polish went perfectly along with my jacket.

Items used:

Coloc Club "French Tip"
KIKO #448
glitter particles which I bought here
dotting tool and top coat

I painted my nails with two layers of white polish and then started placing the glitter particles. I always put a bit of top coat on my nail and on a piece of paper. Then I dip the dotting tool in it and start placing the glitter on the nails.

With this method I can place the glitter particles the most accurate way. Here I really placed them not in a right order like here, but more like a disco ball, resulting in a super sparkly nail design which I always love.

Last step, before a final layer of top coat, was painting blue around my glitter placement resulting in a white triangle.

I still have those nails on, They now last almost two weeks WITHOUT ANY chipping and I so so amazed about it. But now is time for a change. I think I never had my nails painted with one design for so lang.

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