May 2, 2015

Watermelon nails

Do you know how it feels when you absolutely absolutely want something and you can't get it?! Maybe you now think about the new Iphone or a new bag you wanna have but I'm talking about something totally different.

Yesterday I was at university from 8am till 6pm. I don't know how it's in your country (probably totally different) but the opening hours of Austrian supermarkets have rather strict and in comparison to other countries very short opening hours. The only shop in my town closes at 6:30pm so until I was home the shop was already closed.

Now to my problem: I despiretly wanted a water melon and I couldn't get it anywhere so I had to paint it on my nails.

Items used:

Color Club "French Tip"
Catrice "C02 Viva Brazil"
Sally Hansen "Coral Reef"
Essence colour and go "155 red ahead"
Dotting tool

You wanna know how I did it? Let me tell you. Exept on my accent nail I painted a light green base. This should be a kind of ruffian style manicure so with the second color white I painted over the green polish but not to the very end (cuticle area) but I started 2mm below. The same thing I did with the pink polish.

With a little dotting tool I painted little water melon seeds (is it called seeds? ldk). My accent nail got a white base and I painted a pink triangle on it. With green I made a French tip and outlined it with white and last step was again painting the seeds. Topped everything with top coat and the design was finished.

And two last pictures of the design in a mattified version.

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