May 24, 2015

Tropical nails

Next day of the #frischlackiertchallange has arrived and today's theme is "tropical" so I came up with the idea of doing a gradient with some hand painted palm trees on top. 

I was looking forward to doing this design for a long time and it's actually inspired by @badgirlnails.

Items used:

china glaze "celtic sun"
picture polish "sunset"
Ruby Wing "Groupie"
color club "Where's the soiree"
studs by bornprettystore
nail art brush
black acrylic paint
make up sponge

I started off by stamping a gradient on three of my nails where I painted a white base first. I topped it immediately with a top coat. This time I decided that I wanted to try out painting with my acrylic paints and that's why the palm tree turned out like this. The good things with acrylic paint is that you can wipe them off with a q-tip in case you make an mistake.

I somehow didn't manage to wipe it off otherwise I would have change my ring finger because I wasn't so happy with the palm tree. I guess my paint wasn't good enough anymore. I have it already for years and I never used it before. 

On the remaining two fingers I simply applied two coats of black polish and stuck the studs on it nails with a little help of a top coat. 

Two more challenge days to go. Curious what I'm going to do...

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