May 25, 2015

[REVIEW] Hawaii water decals

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion.

Last review for this time is about these beautiful Hawaiian water decals with the item #17000. I think there was a little mistake with labeling. I wanted HOT-172 which were beautiful black Hawaiian water decals and on the huge label on top it really says HOT-172 but the decals itself have another number which is HOT-173.

I don't mind them being in color but I didn't know what to do with them first but after a while my ideas came and I made two beautiful designs for you today.
I did a rather crazy water marbeling design. I wanted to make it as uneven as possible which somehow should remind of a forrest and another rather clear design with some flowers on top.

Let's start with the water marble first.

Items used:

Color Club "French Tip"
essence colour & go "170 beijos de brazil"
essence mountain calling LE "02 we love winter holidays"
KIKO #355
bowl of water
water decals by bornprettystore

Normally I can't stand doing water marbeling it never comes out the way I wanted to and this time somehow it came out so pretty that I had to redo it again until it came out so messy as I wanted it to be.

After the water marbeling was finished, I painted a white base for placing the water decals on it. It's very easy to handle them and they didn't smudge at all like those did. I simply cut them out, placed them into water for 10 seconds and slipped them on the nails where I wanted to have them.

Aren't those leaves of a palm tree nice to look at? Sorry for the picture overflow. 
So time for the next design.

This design is a little more girly as the other and is done with light pastel shades perfectly for spring.

Items used:

essie "lilacism"
KIKO #339
Color Club "French tip"
water decals by bornprettystore
striping brush

I painted my nails one blue one purple and waited for it to dry. With a striping brush I painted this sideward frenchy manicure. 

Last step was to place the little flowers everywhere on my nails.

I wanted to try out how this design looks with a little glitter on top so I topped it with KIKO #261.

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