May 22, 2015

[REVIEW] Dresses and bikini water decals by bornprettystore

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion.

Hello everyone! Time for the next review. I got these super cute little bikini and dresses water decals by bornprettystore. They are item #16742 and they come on a sheet with lots of different patterns on it. 

I did a couple of designs with these water decals until I finally found something which I was happy with and this little dotticure with the accent nails came out. So I really was lucky that this sheet has so many things on it. I will add a picture of both previous design at the bottom.

I guess you already know what water decals are. They are like those little tatoos you got in your childhood which made you think you're the queen/king of the world. You put them into the water und stuck it on your skin and you immediately were a rock chick. 

These water decals work the same. You cut them out of the sheet, put them 10 seconds into a bowl of water and simply slip them on your nails where you want to have it.

Items used:

Color Club "French Tip"
flormar "JL10"
KIKO #377
water decals by bornprettystore
scissors, bowl of water
dotting tool 

I painted the nail in the colors you can see above and added little dots with a dotting tool. I wanted to make them as tiny and accurate as possible. I then places the water decals on the place where they belong.

Last step was sealing everything with a little top coat and what should I say... It's the first time ever that water decals started smudging. I think I waited forever until I was totally sure, that everything was dry but never the less the patterns on my thumb got a little messed up.

It didn't happen with any other water decals I used until now but the ring finger worked out well.

And now as promised two other designs which I did first before I came up with this idea. Both aren't my favorite but I thought I show you anyway.


  1. Hätte nicht gedacht, dass mir diese ungewöhlichen Decals so gut gefallen. Dein Design ist wirklich toll!
    Liebe Grüsse