May 7, 2015

[REVIEW] Pop art nail art

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion. 

This post combines two things in one. First this design is the second challenge of #frischlackiertchallenge by Steffi. Today's theme is pop art and I really had some struggles what I wanted to do. I had 100 different ideas in my had and somehow I couldn't imagine it on my nails. The only thing I know was that I ABSOLUTELY wanted an Andy Warhol banana on one of my fingers. 

The next thing which this post is about are another objects I got for review from 

All in all I got 4 things:

And today I'd like to start with the nail art brushes because I was sooo curious about them. I was looking for good nail art brushes for a while and that's why I thought I'd like to try them. 

They are items #16587 in case you want to search online but don't fortget to use my discount code in case you order something at bornprettystore online.

In my package were four different brushes, three are different sized nail art stripers and a bigger cleaning brush or for doing the one-stroke-technique.

They have a nice flowery design and at the first sight they work really really well and felt super good. That's why I thought I should try out immediately how they work when I really want to paint something.

And because today is the them pop art at Steffis challenge I thought why not trying them out. The images on my design are fully hand painted exept of the lady on my thumb was stamped. Beware: a lot of items which I used for this design are comming now. 

Items used:

Mundo de Unas "Lemon Tree"
Mundo de Unas "Turquoise"
Color Club "French Tip"
Color Club "Where's the soiree"
KIKO #465
KIKO #355
Nailfun "Gelb"
Nailfun "Rot"
Maybeline Color Show "Urban Coral"
essie "matte about you"
essie "Shake your $$ maker"
brushes by bornprettystore
MoYou London stamping plate "The Pro 04"
MoYou London stamping plate "Time Traveler 01"
MoYou London stamping plate "Holy Shapes 01"

I don't even know how I should explain you how I did this design. It was a long process until this came out. I painted all my nails in a solit color were I could build my design up.

Then I started with the dots which are stamped with MoYou London stamping plate "The Pro 04" and the lines were painted by hand with my new striping brushes by bornprettystore. The design on my index finger was also stamped with MoYou London stamping plate "Holy Shapes 01".

I was too afraid of painting the mouth and the banana directly on my nails, so I took a piece of baking paper and painted a layer of base coat on it and on this base coat I painted the images.

You can simply peel them off and place them on my nails. This images were also painted with my new brushes and they also work well in real "working life". I placed them on my nails and painted the POW! directly on my nails. 

The woman on my thumb was done with the reverse stamping technique and it's from the MoYou London stamping plate "Time Traveler 01". I actually planned on doing this design in a matte version:

buuuuut I didn't really like the matte version so much so I switched to shiny which looks much much better for me. 

What do you think about those nails? I like it very much and indeed the brushes are really good to use. I will make an edit after a longer time of use but now for this design they worked PERFECTLY. I can' complain about anything and I love their flowery design. So if you're looking for some rather cheap brushes (you get the whole package for about 6$) I would totally recommend them to you. 


  1. I looooooooooove these!! I've always wanted to do pop art nails but I never seem to get to it :p These are truly awesome, I love all the different designs and it's really smart to make a decal of the lips and banana first!

    1. Thank you Robin! I just was too afraid of messing them up. On paper it worked immediatelly without messing anything up so all the effort was unnecessary xD

  2. Ich hab bei dem Thema leider ausgesetzt, weil ich mir das dann doch nicht zugetraut habe, dein Design ist jedenfalls richtig toll geworden! Die Idee mit dem Vormalen auf Backpapier merke ich mir mal...

    1. Schade, dass du Popart ausgelassen hast, hätte ich echt gern gesehen :)