May 23, 2015

[NEW IN] nail again from nailland hungary

I got a huuuuge package from and I thought I show you what I got. 

You may think why this package is sooo big and why so little polishes where in there. The thing is I have a nail mail buddy and I want to surprise her with some polishes that's why I can't post her shades here only the ones I got for me. And those are the polishes you can see up there. 

Let's start with a Golden Rose polish. Here you can see two thin layers.

It's a super glittery polish in red with the number 325 and look how sparkly it is.

Next let's go over to the Mondo de Uñas polishes. I discovered the stamping polishes some weeks ago and I'm soooo in love with them. You can't mess up a stamping design with them because they are so highly pigmented and simply just sooo amazing.

Here I went for "Fantasy" and "Chocolate". I ordere really a couple more of them but I just can't decide which one I should keep and which one not but those were definitely on my list. They cover in one layer which is a MUST for me for a stamping polish. 

And last but not least I got me some new Flormar polishes. I also tried them out about a month ago and I really love them. I especially love the brush and the cap of the bottles. Again you can see the polishes here in two layers.

from left to right
flormar "BT01
flormar "N003"
flormar "JL02"
flormar "JL10"

I wanted to have some polishes of the beauty toys range (like the blue one) but I couldn't order them. The system just didn't let me so I was even more happy when the nice people from send me it for free as a thank you and to try it out. I love the color and I was so so happy. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

This was it. I know it was not much for me but a whole lot for a friend and this can be nice too. 

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