May 27, 2015

Girly flowers on my nails

Welcome to a new episode of "I have no bluddy idea how to name my blogpost". I always love days like today where my creativity is on holiday but I know I have to name a blogpost. 

Again some handpainted flowers, this time inspired by @polishisthenewblack and a pictorial she posted some weeks ago,

Items used:

KIKO #376
KIKO #447
KIKO #377
KIKO #337
Maybelline Color Show "Faux Green"
nail art brush
studs by bornprettystore

As said I did the design accordning to a pictorial and I guess no words can descripe so well how you do a nail design that's why I thought I'll post her pictorial here as well to show you how you do it. She put such a lot of effort in it so I hope she doesn't mind me showing her nails here. 

She's really an amazing nail artist so you better check her out!


  1. These are so lovely! You did an amazing job recreating them! Of course I don't mind you sharing my pictorial 😊 glad I've found your blog too! Just followed you on Bloglovin I'm polishisthenewblack on there too

    1. Thank you so much! I really do love your work and happy you don't mind. Some people don't like it and I really was worried about that :/ but glad it ended like this <3

  2. The hand paited flowers came out fantastic. Love the color's you used for this mani!

  3. Wow sind die schön! ^_^
    Und der Name des Posts ist mir jetzt nicht als besonders unkreativ aufgefallen ;)