May 14, 2015

Feather nails

I really had a bad nails week this week. Whatever I tried, nothing worked out. Really nothing looked the way I wanted to and that's why this weeks post only consists out of the #frischlackiertchallenge posts up to now. 

I'm really sorry for that but I don't like posting design which I absolutely don't like at all and which look like a three year old did it. Today it's time for design number 4 of her challenge. After vintage, pop art and mermaid today's theme is feathers.

I didn't do feather nails very often but I always like doing it. I'm no pro in free hand designs but I always like how my feathers turn out. 

Items used:

KIKO #646
China Glaze "light my tiki"
essencde the gel nail polish "33 wild white ways"
Color Club "Where's the soiree"
make up sponge
nail art brush

I painted my thumb, my ring finger and my pinkie in this sugar matte polish by KIKO. It's so super sparkly! 

I topped it off with a layer of topcoat because I like this textured polish a lot more when they are shiny. On top of the polish I added a little rhinestone to even add a little more bling bling.

Now time for the feathers. With a little make up sponge I made a gradient on my two nails and painted the little feathers with a tiny little nail art brush.

Pleeeease excuse my cuticles. They look sooo horrible at the moment because of all the stress I have. I always try to moisture them but it seems like it's too less.

I'm happy with design number 4 and I can't wait for Sunday to arrive where it's time for the fifth one!

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