May 31, 2015

Bow and jewels nails

I know I said I can't make the final theme of #frischlackiertchallenge but my schedule changed and I had time for some "jewels".

And when Steffi wants jewels she gets her jewels hahaha. I would never go out of the house with soooo much bling bling bling on the fingers but for the theme "jeweles" I can add a little more on my nails.

Items used:

essence the gel nail polish "31 electriiiiiic"
essence the gel nail polish "46 black is back"
essence the gel nail polish "33 wild white ways"
dotting tool
nail art brush

I'm invited to a very chic wedding this weekend and I'm wearing a blue dress but I'm not quite sure what to do with my nails that's why I already wore this blue polish to get some inspiration. As said my plans changed and I came home earlier today and I thought why not trying out a design which also fits to the challange's theme.

Yesterday at the nail art couse I did practice my bow painting skills and I thought I should also try to paint a bow on my nails and step by step this design developed.

To make my nails a little less bling bling I did some dots on my middle finger and on the rest of my nails I added lots and lots of rhinestones.

Like I told you I really exaggerated with rhinestones but I just really wanted as much jewels as possible on my nails.

I can already warn you, this week lots of blue/white/silver designs are comming up because I want to try what's best to wear. 


  1. Die Schleife hast du ja klasse hinbekommen! So genau könnte ich gar nicht malen :O Und zu viele Steinchen kann man doch gar nicht auf den Nägeln haben :D

    1. Hahaha danke. Ja ich hatte ja den Nailartkurs 2 Tage davor und da haben wir ganz fest an meinen Schleifen geübt. Leider habe ich den FANTASTISCHEN Pinsel verloren den ich beim Kurs bekommen habe sonst wärs noch schöner gezeichnet